Day 6 ( 25 July 2016)

The sixth day, a day bedding. This is the last day present Pilgrims in the diocese. Time spent in the diocese, in parishes, in families, we take in our hearts and we thank God for created community. individual meetings, time for recreation and common prayer.

In each parish, at 7.30 thanksgiving service – Lauds, then shared breakfast and a trip to Rzeszow.

Posłanie2We go to the Pontifical Park in Rzeszow. In 1991, in this place, Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass. I beatified Bishop J. Sebastian Pelczar, who later became the patron saint of the Diocese of Rzeszow. Papal park adjacent to the Cathedral of Rzeszow. At this point, at 10:00 am Bishop of Rzeszow Jan Wątroba, concelebrated by the Bishops and Priests guests with pilgrims and Young Diocese of Rzeszow, will celebrate Mass bedding. During this common prayer we will be all sent to Krakow for the central celebration of World Youth Day 2016. Then, Host Town – President Rzeszów invites everyone to share a meal or agape.

Around 13.00 we go to Krakow. The exact departure plan and sequence of individual groups will be announced in the bulletin.

Posłanie1Groups that did not come by coach and will benefit from our coaches during Days in the Diocese can order yourself these coaches to their They took to Krakow and possibly after the Meeting in Krakow They took to the airport. These rides will already be at the expense of Pilgrims. It will also make use of rail transport. Details of this type of transport will be given at a later date.