On Tuesday, July 19, to  the diocese arrived 4 groups of pilgrims from France. One of them (49 people) came to the parish. St. Joseph in Rzeszow.


At 7 p.m  in the parking lot in front of the church appeared bus with pilgrims from the Diocese of Avignon. Among them are 4 priests and 3 nuns.

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At the beginning there has been welcome by priest Krzysztof Gołąbek and volunteers. Pilgrims come to know the family who will live for the next few days. Youth handed the French a sweet treat and pre-prepared packages.

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Then they all went to church, where he held a joint Eucharist.

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The pilgrims were staying with families from the parish Rzeszów-Staromieście, and Łąka, Łukawiec, Jasionka, Stobierna and Wólka Podleśna.

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On Wednesday, the French went on a tour of the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and Czestochowa. Our diocese will return on Thursday evening.

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