On the evening of the third of April in the Diocese’s House “Tabor” in Rzeszow almost 300 people aged 15 – 20 participated in the second part of “A Night in Tabor.”

The meeting started at six o’clock pm as the special buses with the World Youth Day’s advertisement began their trip. They took the youths to the Tabor Diocese House.


There, at seven o’clock pm the event started. To begin, the teenagers were welcomed by Piotr Hołowienko, the main organizer of the meeting. Later on, Arkadiusz Zbodzień. arrived. He is a rapper from Nowy Sącz and he’s the World Youth Day Ambassador. He told us about his difficult experiences and how he found his way to God. He reminded us of his life’s motto: “Do what you love”, which he was trying to instill into young people. He was emphasizing that God likes to surprise us; wants to give us many things and wants us to live out our dreams.


During our meeting with Arkadio, there was time to eat. Then, the dining hall changed into the chapel where Jesus was remembered through the Blessed Sacrament. After almost an hour and a half of song, words and silence, the youths worshipped God who was present on the Altar. Priest Marcin Szopiński, who was leading the Adoration, reminded us that God loves us despite our sins. We are important to Him, because He engraved us on His hands. Priest Marcin encouraged us to open our hearts and let God’s love fill them. During the Adoration, we had a chance for saint confession.


The next part of the program was a meeting in groups entitled “I want you to be a Saint because I am a Saint – Saint Climbers” It was led by a group of well-prepared animators from Light-Live Movement together with Movement of Youth Apostolicity, Catholic Youth Association and the occupants of the Diocese House “Tabor”. During the meeting, there was a time for an integration, listening closely to parts of the Gospel, consideration of the ascent up to the Mountain and the path to Sainthood. At the end, the youths heard an invitation ” Let’s go to the mountains!”, an invitation to Sainthood.


At one o’clock am, the participants went to the chapel of Diocese House of Tabor. There, Priest Karzysztof Kalamaszek delivered catechesis. He is a curate in Saint Katarzyna’s parish in Tyczyn. The youths also participated in a ceremony of renewal of baptismal promises and cleansing with holy water.


One hour later, the Sacrament of the Eucharist on the occasion of the Sunday of God’s Mercy took place. It was led by Priest Paweł Pietrusiak who is a rector in the Seminary of Rzeszów.  In the shared mass Priest Paweł Drozd also participated (director of Diocese’s House “Tabor”), and Priest Paweł Płazik – a curate in the Holy Trinity’s parish in Czudec. The community of Miriam took care of the musical accompaniment. During the homily, Priest Pietrusik reminded us that we often lock ourselves into our plans for the future, dreams and fears. But God steps into them, stands amongst everything we try and hide; everything we don’t want to show and everything which demoralizes us. He walks into the damned area of our lives to cure them.


After Sacrament of Eucharist, participants walked to the gym where the Christoteka was organized. The party finished just before five o’clock am. The youths came back home using special buses provided for them.


“A Night in Tabor” was organised by the creators of Faith Festival: Piotr Hołowienko, Priest Daniel Drozd, Monika Madeja, Tomasz and Magdalena Stępieniowie, Paweł Ciupak, Katarzyna Smura, Kamil Jarema and students from Rzeszów’s universities who provided assistance.