On Monday evening to Rzeszów reached a group of pilgrims from the Philippines.

It counts 51 people. Together with a group came also the local bishop.


In the evening in front of the cathedral in Rzeszów appeared bus with the pilgrims, who, after a long journey from Manila came to place accommodation. But before they went to the families they were exceptional welcome in the temple.


At the beginning of the word he directed prelate Jan Delekta, pastor of the parish Sacred Heart of Jesus.

He welcomed the pilgrims and spoke briefly about the history of the parish. Then the parish choir sang the hymn of World Youth Days in Kraków.


Pilgrims from the Philippines didn’t  remain indifferent to a very nice welcome and sang the anthem of the World Youth Days with Manila in 1995. After the blessing the pilgrims went to the identified families.


For staying in the parish is responsieble priest Julian Wybraniec, vicar of the cathedral parish. Early in the morning along with volunteers from Rzeszów he went to pick up pilgrims from Warsaw airport.

-It’s incredibly joyful group. All the way to Rzeszów weren’t bored for a moment.  All the time we sang and prayed. They all the time asking questions.

Seeing the fields asking, if we grow the rice – says Julian Wybraniec.


Guests from the Philippines wondered even that in Poland is a dish in which the rice wrapped in cabbage- says Magdalena, volounter.


Tommorow, pilgrims set off on a tour of Rzeszów.