On Friday evening 11th March 2016, in the the Church of Saint Michael in Nockowa, the next ceremony from the DeoProfile series took place. The young people from Sędziszow Małopolski deanery took place in it.

At the beginning, there was the pantomime prepared by parish Catholic youth movement . It reminded us that Jesus shouldered our sins. The word about Jesus Redeemer was preached by Father Wojciech Zygo.

After the conference, we took part in the church service of Way of the Cross. It was prepared in a slightly different way than usual. Everyone could hammer their sins to the cross .After that, the priest sank these sins in the water. This sign reminded us about baptism, which smoothes the sins and confession, which derives its force from the mystery of the cross. At the end, the film with the invitation to World Youth Day was screened.