On Friday 11th March, in the Church of the Holy Cross in Rzeszów, the next meeting of World Youth Day’s volunteers from Rzeszów area took place.

At the beginning, they took part in the church service of Way of the Cross. Its deliberations emphasized that on the road to the preparations to Worth Youth Day and during the time of Lent we are to be taught mercy and love of Jesus.

Then the volunteers took part in the adoration of the Holy Sacrament, during which the deliberations of word of God were interlarded with singing. The young people were listening to the conference delivered by Father Jakub Nagi, the coordinator of World Youth Day in Rzeszów area. He reminded all that the mercy of God is given for us for free. God shares all he has the best with us, because he created us in the likeness and image of God-he emphasized.


At the end, the volunteers met in the parish room to discuss the details of the preparations to XXXI World Youth Day in Dioceses, which will take place on 20th March.