On the fourth of March, at the Parish Church of Chrystusa Króla, in Rzeszów, the fourth meeting in the DeoProfil series took place. The meeting, one of many preparing us for “World Youth Day”, was about embracing Christ as our lord and saviour. Those present celebrated the word of God and listened to a sermon delivered by Priest Grzegorz Kot.

The sermon was based on the importance and symbolism of Paschal Triduum. The priest described the suffering and subsequent death of Christ as events that occur on a daily basis in our own lives; that every day we commit sin. He reminded us that each and every day God sacrifices his life for us. Jesus is the Lamb of God who humbly serves by removing pain and suffering from our world.


To depict the act of God choosing Jesus to rid us of our sins and resurrect to a new life, we were asked to perform a symbolic ‘walk’, with our eyes closed down the length of the church, through a corridor of the congregation. On completion of our ‘walk’ we were met by the priest, who stood at the baptismal font. We were asked, “Do you wish Christ to lead you through life?” We answered affirmatively by placing our hand into the Holy Water and making the sign of the cross