On Tuesday March 15th another Evening of Worship took place in the Church of Christ the King in Rzeszow. The main topic of the event was the Mount of Beatitudes.

The Worshipping began with a Mass, which was held by Father Jan Koclęga, who is a lecturer at the Higher Theological Seminary in Czestochowa. During the homily he reminded that Jesus Christ is the answer to all human questions. The recipe for a Christian’s life is to trust Him. At the end of the Mass the choir of “Rzeszow’s Evening of Worship” sang the Official Hymn of the World Youth Day.


During the conference Father Koclega said: I ask each one of you to make a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Your Heart to meet with God and reflect on your status as a disciple of Christ and how does your infatuation in our crucified Christ look like? On this path we have to cut the thick bushes of sins and throw away the superficial tat. Success isn’t important for God, but the effort and love we put in our work. Clear the Sanctuary of Your Heart to accept Jesus into your life and follow God’s Beatitudes. It depends on the choice you make. May you choose wisely.