(23rd  July 2016)



Each diocese in Poland for the duration of World Youth Day takes the name under which the time before Cracow is experienced. This name means a biblical event or the name of a place connected with the biblical event. The name of Roman Catholic Diocese of Rzeszow is TABOR. Why Revelation?


We would like to explain this during the spiritual retreat day.


In each parish hosting pilgrims from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. there will be:

  • catechesis,
  • community singing,
  • the worship of God,
  • Eucharistic adoration
  • shared meal
  • the possiblity of confession (in your language)
  • the Eucharist

Rekolekcje 1

Then, from each parish Pilgrims from abroad and Polish youth will be transferred to an appointed place in Rzeszow to a particular parish. From the parish they will go to Hala Podpromie in Rzeszow with singing and street evangelizing. At 6 p.m Youth Festival will begin.


Anticipated programme:

  • introducing congregation and community formation
  • Words of Welcome by the Bishop, the Provence marshal, Mayor of Rzeszow
  • witness hour
  • Young people’s questions for bishops
  • Liturgy of the Word
  • International Adoration Evening – Eucharistic adoration and benediction

Rekolekcje 2


We want this Day to introduce us in a spiritual way in experiencing the meeting in Cracow. The day in which we are to feel the community of TABOR.


Detailed plan of the day will be in a newsletter specially prepared for Diocesan Days. Take the Holy Bible and your rosary.